Tania Galan 2“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”

Anatole France.

Apart for being a producer and investor, Tania Galán is the CEO of a collaborative cinema group called InOut Filmmakers, a bunch of people who want to create audiovisual content to improve, experiment, or whatever reason they have to make art. This group works in a online basis, and is looking always for people with same interests to make art as a common project.

InOut Filmmakers’s Filmography:


  • ‘Bella’: short film directed by Tania Galán
  • ‘Vas a Caer Muy Pronto’: short film directed by Eric Lezaun - Winner of the Grand Prize at 15 Second Film Festival
  • ‘Datastrophe’, short film directed by Tania Galán


  • ‘El Ciudadano No Representado’, feature documentary directed by Tania Galán (filming)
  • ‘Literatura Indie’, feature documentary directed by Manu Bueno (filming)


  • Feature film made with six sci-fi short films with same plot and different filmmakers
  • Animation video for introducing the group

InOut FilmMakers