Tania Galan 3We distribute your films as if they were ours (2 FEATURE FILMS 8 SHORT FILMS: 317 International Selections + 74 Awards)

InOut Distribution Ltd is a dynamic team who feel passion for cinema. We believe in the future of the film and want to do our bit to increase audience for any length films (especially shorts). Because a real hit is not defined by the amount of minutes but its content.

Our work is based in other experience, and we realize that there is a few steps that are critical in order to achieve the goals: sending films in early deadline, asking the festivals for waivers, sending at least 30 festivals per month, sending emails to the future festivals with the new selections of the films achieved, keeping the profiles of our films update with every selection, etc.

Every January, our team decide which films will distribute the incoming year, because one of our motto is to work personally with the films, as part of the team, and we cannot do it if we distribute hundreds of films. So, our motto is to distribute a small list of films that we love, to achieve the better goals.

InOut Distribution